‘The Bachelorette’ Makeup Artist Gina Modica Spills On-Set Secrets


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Makeup artist Gina Modica has her work cut out for her on the set of The Bachelorette. The whirlwind nature of the ABC series isn’t just hard on the hearts of the contestants —it’s also hard on the makeup!

Modica has been with the show since the start, so she knows that the makeup has to last through the crying, the hot-weather melt-downs, and the many makeout sessions.

Modica has learned all the tricks to keep the stars looking fantastic no matter what Chris Harrison’s date cards throw at the lead (currently Rachel Lindsay). Here are just a few of her takeaways.

On Making Lip Color Last Through Kissing Sessions:

Modica tells Refinery29 that the best way she’s found to make lipstick last through a makeout is to ditch it all together! Instead she goes with her favorite smudge-proof Besame lip liners to add color to the women’s smackers.

Her Secret to Stay-Put Eyeliner:

“I do mix Makeup Forever’s Aqua Seal with eyeliners so they won’t move,” adds to the outlet. “It’s a great product to have in your kit if you have problems with a product staying put.”

Her Shine-Busting Move:

She says that she never applies powder to matte-ify the skin on set. Instead she uses blue shop towels to blot.

Why She Doesn’t Fight Heat:

Instead of fretting over keeping the contestants dry in hot climates, she embraces the glow. “I have worked on many, many islands throughout the years, and I have found that if a person sweats, they sweat — and there’s not a lot you can do about it,” she told the site.

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