Elena Nheme is a top professional makeup artist in New York. Since an early age, Elena knew that she is passionate about Makeup artistry. She devoted many years into pursuing excellence in the beauty and fashion industry as a hobby and eventually decided to dedicate her efforts to turn this passion into a successful makeup artist career.  Shortly after completing a prominent makeup school in Florida, she was fully submerged into the industry-working at Miami Swim week, New York fashion week, Art Basel in Wynwood and freelanced for MAC cosmetics. Eventually, Elena Nheme decided to move to New York and collaborate with some of the best promising, up and coming designers, photographers, and models from all around the world.

As a top makeup artist, Elena focuses on creating natural, fresh and polished looks. She puts her whole heart into creating a memorable experience for her clients who book her professional makeup services.

“As an artist, I love making women feel good about themselves. What’s unique about my approach is that I ask questions and listen first.”, says Elena Nheme. “ I do this because my client’s inspiration, needs, and comfort are the utmost priority. I apply this vision to create art that explicitly shows the inner and physical beauty of every woman.”

As a prominent makeup artist, Elena is open for freelance and other venues.

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